About p2m

In the Physically Perceptive Musician private training sessions, Jacqueline Herbein helps musicians to explore, sense, feel, observe, understand and integrate what they are doing physically.  While science will never replace art in either performing or teaching, the addition of ProformaVision™ technology to Jackie’s already extensive movement knowledge enables her to help musicians make changes that can identify and reduce tension more quickly.


ProformaVision™ technology offers a window into the body through physiologic monitoring (biofeedback) coupled with video monitoring.  This dual monitoring can help musicians identify both the positive and negative components of their technique.  Using medical-grade surface electromyography components (sEMG), ProformaVision™  measures the amount of electrical activity muscles release when contracting.  While muscular contraction is a necessary component any movement, when it exceeds the level needed it becomes excess tension, impacting technical performance and increasing the risk of injury.


Even musicians with good basic technique are often unaware of the high levels of tension they continuously carry, leading to the common complaints of discomfort or pain, fatigue and lack of technical precision. Because the musician using ProformaVision™ can process information through all the senses while simultaneously creating and viewing the changes, seemingly minor adjustments can sometimes quickly transform playing.  In addition, the overall effect is long lasting because the subject is not simply responding to an outside suggestion.


Understanding both the impact of pain on a musician’s career as well as the impact of old compensations and habits, Jackie builds awareness of body sensation and integration of movement that enhance artistic freedom and movement possibilities throughout the body.


In addition to private sessions, Jackie also works closely with a team of specialists in chiropractic, applied kinesiology, acupuncture and therapeutic massage to address the specific needs of injured musicians.  Where practical, joint sessions can be coordinated in her studio or private sessions can be arranged at a Healing Arts Center just minutes away.