Jacqueline Herbein offers both private sessions and workshop presentations for diverse audiences. All private sessions can include the use of ProformaVision™ technology. With the goal of meeting your personal objectives and with the understanding that there are few “quick fixes” when addressing anything from simple playing limitations to fatigue/numbness/pain, fees are based on the following:

Initial Diagnostic


Prior to your first session you will be asked to monitor your symptoms during practice.  A form will be sent for record keeping.

  • Session will be between 1.5-2 hours in length
  • Discussion of playing history and onset of problems
  • $100/session

Follow-up Sessions


Scheduling of all sessions is flexible, including evenings and weekends.  Pre-paid session packages may be used for up to one year.

  • Single session $75/hour
  • Pre-paid package of 4 sessions – $275
  • Pre-paid package of 6 sessions – $400

On the Road


Contact Jacqueline Herbein directly with your event details and to negotiate fees.  Fees are influenced by the following considerations:

  • Venue
  • Travel expenses
  • Number of days
  • Potential for other regional bookings