Listed here are just a few of the workshop topics offered by Jacqueline Herbein. Contact her directly to tailor a presentation to your specific needs.


Tune In to Your Self – Targeted, Therapeutic Exercises for the Playing Mechanism

Using stretching routines targeted specifically for the playing mechanism and developed in consultation with certified occupational and hand therapists, this workshop can help musicians ward off threatening overuse injuries.

I Feel Your Pain – Wellness Alternatives for the Teaching Warrior

This interactive workshop shares the specifics of many basic, practical, and time-honored therapies that will empower teachers and allow them to face even their most trying student at the end of a seemingly endless day.

The Draggin’ Dragon – Lighthearted Tools for Serious Sitting

This interactive session moves beyond words to offer practical images and tools with regard to alignment, balance and movement that teachers can use when dealing with both the chronically slouched teenager and the hyper-extended super over-achiever.

Beyond Words: Toys and Tools for Developing Whole-Body Awareness at the Keyboard

Frequently, words fall short in stimulating the learning senses necessary to bring about whole-body awareness because each body’s intuitive wisdom may be buried under layers of tightness and effort in “trying to get it right”. Tubes and ribbons, tennis balls and fans, bobble heads and puppy dog paws, penguins and dragons…these are just a few of the toys and images we explore to develop alignment, balance and ease.

Performance Anxiety – Exploring the Physical Connection

Borrowing concepts from Yoga, Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique and stress-point learning, this workshop explores cross-training exercises that can increase physical perception as well as enhance the learning process and final performance.

Octaves Plain and Simple

Young pianists are fascinated and impressed by octaves.  With the excitement and immense sweep of sound that can be created, octave passages are indeed spectacular in the hands of many virtuosos.  They can, however, be the source of frustration and misery for many pianists and students.  This workshop will begin to lay the groundwork for a solid understanding of octave technique and how to teach it.