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Part One – Neck & Shoulders

Try this experiment – raise your arms straight up by your ears with your fingertips pointing toward the ceiling.  If you have difficulty getting your arms to that position or if you must bend your elbows to do it, then this video is for you!  Believe it or not, bent elbows in this position mean tight shoulders and tight shoulders easily become that “pain in the neck”.  Moving through these gentle stretching exercises for the neck and shoulders will allow you to gradually increase range of motion while decreasing everyday shoulder tightness.

Part Two – Torso & Hips

Is low back pain a seemingly constant companion?  The stretching of the torso and hips offered on this video is an important component in its management.  With the ever-increasing evidence of the dangers of extended sitting, you owe it to yourself to regularly practice these twists and stretches to retain your spine’s natural range of motion and avoid that late afternoon energy slump.  Note: If you are pregnant or have a diagnosed disc or spinal condition, please consult your doctor before executing any twisting exercises.

Part Three – Hips & Legs

Stand naturally and look down at your feet.  Are your toes turned out?  If so, that might be an indication of tightness from the hips on down!  This video includes both traditional and non-traditional stretches for the hips, groins, quads, hamstrings and even the ankles and toes.  Such targeted regular stretching (even if your toes aren’t turned out!) will impact posture, movement and balance and may help relieve soreness you might experience in the hips, pelvis and lower back. 


Designed especially for musicians to counteract the imbalances created in the body by playing instruments, this set of movement videos is nonetheless appropriate for anyone who would like to have a more supple, movable body.  Musicians or not, we may spend long hours sitting – in a car, at a computer, in rehearsals or meetings, practicing at an instrument.  But our bodies are built to move and when we don’t — muscles shorten creating tightness; the spine compresses producing more wear and tear on the discs; soft tissue compresses often causing swelling or numbness in the legs; and lung capacity is diminished, giving your brain and other organs less oxygen.

But you can fight back with these short (approximately 15 minutes each) simple, effective and easy to use stretching routines that require no fancy equipment and no special gym clothes!  Use these routines to complement your other cardio or strength-training workouts or use them alone to liberate tight, sore muscles.  Move through a single segment to target a specific ache or pain or practice all three to limber up the whole body.  Don’t delay – it only takes a minute to purchase, download and get started to moving with more ease!